Okuma Parçası 1 (Reading Text)

Aşağıda verilen Intermediate seviye parçayı okuyun ve soruları cevaplayınız.

Living in a metropolitan offers people a variety of advantages such as better healthcare services, educational opportunities and availability of many types of activities. First of all, people living in a big city have the chance of receiving healthcare services with high standards. There exist the best hospitals and doctors in the urban areas. Moreover, lots of city dwellers prefer to live in cities for the educational opportunities these places offer. In cities, education is carried out much more seriously and students are a lot more successful. Thirdly, people living in major cities have a wide variety of arts and social activities to pick from. They can see the latest movies and plays on one evening and attend a rock concert on the other. Although the cities have a lot to provide to its dwellers, people’s chance of experiencing these advantages is highly related to their financial standing and working hours.

Welcome to your Reading Test

Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of city life?

Which one of the words does NOT mean city?

The education is better in cities because schools ..........



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